domingo, 15 de noviembre de 2009


This year has been good, but the last months have been so strange. I think it has been strange because I had a lot of vacation, so I spent my time dancing and having fun, but I didn’t remember that I had to study. Anyway, these last days I’ve had to study so much, everything I didn’t study in these month, so I am really tired. But I know that all the time and the energy that I’ve spent in these days will bring positive consequences for me. I am sure I will be happy when this nightmare finish.

When I started this year, I was so happy because it was the second one in University, so I had a lot of experience to face this new year. I had a lot of subjects that I had never seen, as psychopathology and neurophysiology, so I was so happy, because there were a lot of things to learn. I enjoyed my study so much. Really, I learned everything I wanted, so I felt that everything I wanted was be a great psychologist. When the semester finished, I was so tired, but I was happy with my achievements and the effort I made to achieve them.

After my vacation, I started my classes with a little of energy. I felt that I hadn’t enjoyed my free time; I felt that it had been so short, so my body was tired yet. That’s the reason why I couldn’t wake up every morning, so I missed a lot of classes. When I was feeling better, and I recovered my energies, September holidays arrived, so I lost everything I had achieved. I spend my time sleeping and having fun for two weeks, until I returned to class. Since that day, everything was terrible! I didn’t want to read anything; I didn’t want to see a notebook or a paper and anything. When I went to class, I couldn’t concentrate, so when I had to take a test, I suffered so much, although my marks were good. In conclusion, it was horrible!

Now, I feel I spent my time waiting for a semester that never arrived for me. I am sorry about it, but I think I have to start this new year with all the energy I didn´t use the last semester. Anyway, I feel that I learned some important things that I need to know if I want to be a good psychologist, although I don’t remember others. I know I will have a great 2010!

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